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Subcritical extraction

Continuous subcritical extraction yields the bulk of the substances.

Subkritična ekstrakcija

Self-cleaning filtration

Self-cleaning filtration and centrifugation at 15,000 G-forces separate the dispersed plant tissue particles from the extract.

Samočišćeća filtracija

Vacuum evaporation

Vacuum evaporation of the continuous spinning band eliminates ethanol and most of the water and gives a highly concentrated extract

Vakumsko isparavanje

Standardization & charging

Precise standardization and pasteurization. Filling the extract into sterile Al-HDPE aluminum bags

Standardizacija & punjenje


bullet EUCHEM D.O.O. was founded in 1997 as a research and development laboratory in chemistry and pharmacy.

bullet The Euchem factory is located in the industrial zone in Stari Banovci, only 4 km from the Belgrade-Budapest highway, close to the Danube. Nikola Tesla Airport and the Port of Belgrade are 30 km away from us, and the Port of Novi Sad is 60 km away.

Innovative production process

Creative ideas have led to many innovative solutions in our production process.

naslovna2 euchem

Careful selection of equipment materials

In our team we have mechanics and chemists who take care of the careful selection of materials to which we make our production equipment.

Naslovna3 euchem

Innovative preparation of raw materials for extraction

By applying our evaporation system we can get highly-concentrated extracts. A completely natural final product.


Laboratories are equipped with the most modern devices for the analysis of volatile and non-volatile active substances. Our laboratory analyzes are supported by analyzes of accredited laboratories..